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February 9, 2017 | De Tierra Blog | Amber True

Punch Down Thursday

Punch Down Thursday Wine Blog 02/09/17

Every second Thursday of the month is Punch Down Thursday at De Tierra Vineyards. This is a day we have dedicated to special events in our tasting room, whether that be a paint party, deals on products, or wine classes. 

Now you might be asking yourself, “what in the world is a punch down anyways?” A punch down happens during the fermentation of wine. When juice is fermenting the skins, seeds, pulp, and other solids rise to the top of the tank, creating a layer on top, also referred to as a cap. If the cap stays afloat, the we know about red wines is that they get most of their flavor from the skins of the grape itself. The winemaker will then take a special tool, which almost looks like a giant potato masher, to press down the cap. While punch downs become a must to delicately mix the juice up and extract flavor, it also becomes a necessity for keeping the wine free of bacteria. This is why punch downs are so important and are actually done a few different times a day to the same fermenting juice. 


Did you hear about our wine class series we have coming up? The first class is March 9th, details and tickets are available on our website. Stay tuned via email and/or blog posts to keep in the De Tierra news loop! 


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