De Tierra's Team

De Tierra: Sustainable, exclusive, award-winning, and not to mention delicious!

About Us

De Tierra started as common goal amongst good friends, and is blossoming into a thriving artisanal brand complete with vineyard, winery, and tasting room, as well as distribution in over 10 states, SIPcertification, organic varietals, estate offerings, numerous accolades, wine club, and a burgeoning team of enthusiastic, yet experienced millennials at its helm!

Next De Tierra is focusing on scaling as a mentorship workshop location for modern ag-tech etc. business, a destination for couples retreats, and new cinematic venue in the heart of Steinbeck/Kerouac-country, whilst also continuing to share more of its approachable, yet quality-driven spirit!

Fun Facts

Mission-driven start-up focused on integrity, kindness, and sustainability

One of the 1st certified organic wineries in Monterey County (2001 Russell Estate Merlot and Chardonnay)

Estate Grown (90% of our grapes are estate grown, only 5% of the winery in California are estate grown)

Four Micro-Climates on Russell Estate Property (allows for unique representation of terrior, and multiple varietals to grow well on a small vintage ranch)

Separate aquifer and valley isolated from Salinas Valley Agriculture at Russell Estate Vineyard (prevents against invasive yeast and cross contamination from pesticides and herbicides used in conventional farming)

Soil Structure (Alluvial –nutrient rich soil-, porous, granite, limestone rich, ideal grapevine soil)

Minimal intervention (minimal sulfur additions, partial whole cluster fermentation, minimal filtering and fining)

Vegan winemaking (no animal products used in the winery)

Hand harvesting and vineyard management

USA Made barrels (using American Oak whenever possible, sustainability)