Extra Virgin  Olive Oil 

800 olive trees adorn the Corral de Tierra estate of the Russell family, the founders of De Tierra Vineyards. These trees, include six different varieties of Tuscan olives: Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo, Canino, Leccino and Luca, that are cultivated organically. The olives of each healthy tree are harvested by hand to protect the fruit, keeping each variety separate. Each variety is pressed separately, just once, at cold temperatures, using an enormous traditional Pieraliti granite stone press imported from Italy.  Once the olives have been pressed, they are left unfiltered to retain the robust flavor of the olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- CCOF Certified Organic Image

De Tierra’s extra virgin olive oil is an inviting golden green color with an intense nose that offers both fruity and peppery notes. On the pallet, is begins with a bright grassy, almost herbal note that expands to a lightly fruity full bodied olive note in the mid-pallet finishes with distinct but balanced peppery notes.

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